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Roof Window Services Scotland09/11/2022

Skylight VELUX repair VELUX glass VELUX blinds Scotland Edinburgh Glasgow

Glass replacement

Re-Glazing Service

Is your VELUX® pane misted up between the panes?

Is your VELUX® pane cracked/smashed?

Or are you looking to upgrade your VELUX® pane for a more energy efficient pane?

We can fulfil all VELUX® needs.

There are many different types of panes see some options below. Please note that depending on the year of manufacture you may require a conversion kit to fit some glass types at extra cost. 

Please Contact Us for further information,  advice and our labour prices.

 ​This standard glazing comes with a toughened outer pane. In winter, it reflects 60% of the heat normally lost through glass, back into the room. During the summer, it works in reverse by reflecting excessive heat from the sun to help prevent the room from overheating