Benefits of VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows 

  • Fresh air and a better indoor comfort

  • Sleeping, showering and cooking all increase the overall humidity levels in our homes. Poor indoor air quality seriously affects our general well being, but a few daily routines can have a great effect on your indoor comfort. Let VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows give you a helping hand. Simply use the pre-defined ventilation programs and enjoy automatic airing.

  • Worry-free home security

  • Imagine if you could close all your roof windows with a single touch. Now you can, with the intelligent VELUX INTEGRA® control pad. Simply press the “Leaving home” icon and all of your VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows will close at once wherever they are located in your house.

  • No chance of rain What if it starts to rain and you’re not around, or too busy, to close your windows? All of our VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows come with a rain sensor that closes your windows automatically if it starts to rain – so you never have to worry about the rain damaging your home.

VELUX INTEGRA@ roof windows

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VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows If you want ultimate comfort, the VELUX INTEGRA® is the answer. 
This innovative system of remote controlled windows, blinds and shutters lets you open and close with just one touch of the control pad. Use the predefined programmes, or create your own based on your needs: Waking-up, Airing out, On holiday and much more. With the remote control, you can reach every window easier and faster – from anywhere in your house. VELUX INTEGRA® is the ultimate choice for fresh air and a better indoor comfort

VELUX INTEGRA® solar roof windowAll the same features as the VELUX INTEGRA® mains-powered roof window but solar powered; an integrated solar cell automatically charges the window. The solar cell requires direct exposure to the sunlight. No need for wiring makes installation even quicker and easier.

VELUX INTEGRA® electric roof windowIntuitive, easy-to-use VELUX INTEGRA® electric roof windows offer easy ventilation and a healthy living environment. Choose a VELUX INTEGRA®mains-powered roof window if you’d like the window integrated directly into your home’s electrical system.

Available in both mains - and solar-powered versions

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